• Search Engine Optimisation

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies. It helps enhance the visibility of online businesses and thereby allows them to generate high sales leads and yield greater business profits.

    SEO is a process of optimising a website to achieve high search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engine result pages. By making a website appear on top of the search engine result pages, SEO assures it of increased web traffic. The more number of visitors a website gets, the better it is. The website with high web page ranking and huge web traffic enjoys better business prospects compared to the one with poor ranking and few online visitors.

    The role of SEO is not limited to diverting web traffic to a website. It also helps in converting the web traffic to actual buyers/users. SEO makes sure that the website is well-designed and developed so that it can hold back the web users and encourage them to browse through the website. Search Engine Optimisation also aims to enhance the user experience by making the website user-friendly.

    For optimising a website and increasing web traffic, Search Engine Optimisation adopts the following steps:

    Keyword research and analysis: This includes identifying the keywords and phrases that online users use when searching for goods or services similar to the ones provided by a particular website.

    Content development: It is an important part of SEO as content forms the crux of a website. Keyword rich, crisp, and interesting content is developed to generate good amount of traffic to a website and convert them to potential buyers.

    Link building: It further helps increase traffic to a website by placing useful and popular links on a website.

    Pay Per Click advertising: PPC (Pay per click) is highly effective in securing a website’s visibility to targeted audiences.

    Other elements of Search Engine Optimisation include e-mail marketing, social networking, blogging, and creating online forums. All these strategies help enhance the web presence of a business and result in huge traffic to it.

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