• Social Media Marketing

  • Is your business website a hub of social interaction?

    Does it allow your customers to interact with each other, like, share and recommend your products and services to their friends and acquaintances?

    Is it expanding its customer base every minute and earning you the expected ROI?

    Truth is, ‘user engagement’ is an integral factor that determines the success of an online business and it can only be achieved through effective social media integration. In the online marketplace, every ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘tweet’ counts. These user activities help to build a brand reputation and improve conversion rates.

    Dizzinet does not leave your business website on the sidelines. Instead, it takes your business to new evolving digital realms that did not exist a few years ago. Our trained and expert professionals integrate social media tools and strategies with your website to build your online reputation, connect with your consumers, spread your brand messages and of course, drive sales!

    By integrating social media tools and strategies and optimizing your website’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, Dizzinet helps to increase the time spent by your potential customers on your website, ensures better rate of engagement and definitely, better conversions.

    We take your website to those online spaces where your customers are and through effective social media integration, drive conversions back to your website. 

    Every Dizzinet social media integration strategy is unique to a specific brand or business. We mix and match the right social media integration strategies, tailored to create a buzz about YOUR BRAND. With better social media integration on your website, we build the ‘know-how’, ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘recommend’ factors that significantly influence your customers’ decision making.

    Dizzinet’s social media integration covers a vast span of services. These include:

    • Adding Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn buttons on your website
    • Creating blogs and fan pages
    • Bookmarking
    • Professional group interaction
    • Creating a buzz about your business in creative ways such as YouTube videos, blog posts, tweets, images, podcasts etc.
    • Using social media’s entertainment angle to build and expanse your database of contacts and connections
    • Creating visibility on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

    Whether you wish to optimize your online presence and improve your SERP rankings, leverage user generated content to develop marketing strategies and drive sales, take your brand’s personality online or share your business vision with millions of potential customers – we are here for you!

    Dizzinet uses tried and tested digital relationship marketing strategies to help you better optimize your website, improve your brand awareness, increase your market share and roll in increased profits.

    Remember, one ‘Like’ may convert into one ‘Sale’. Chances are that your competitor is making the most of social media integration to increase its ROI.

    Do not lose out to competition! Build your brand and achieve a better curve in the online marketplace.